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3 Important Services your McKinney Texas Home Can’t Do Without

The 3 important services that your lawn or landscape can’t do without

Your lawn is what delivers the first impression of your home. It’s your family’s space for relaxation and expression. To most effectively maintain your lawn, you can turn to a professional lawn care service to ensure it is receiving professional care in the three most important areas: mowing, fertilization/weed control and flower bed care.


It may seem like “just a little” growth may not hurt, but that is not the case. Allowing your lawn to go too long without proper mowing can be detrimental to its health. When grass grows too long, it is much harder to cut cleanly. That means, whenever you do finally mow, your lawn is likely to get damaged instead of ending with a clean, crisp cut. Damaged grass is more susceptible to disease and vicious pathogens.

Mowing also affects the grass’ ability to photosynthesize. The greater the percentage of grass you remove, the greater the blow to its food systems. Cutting a 3.5-inch blade of grass down to 3 inches would only affect its photosynthesis system by about 15 percent, which is manageable. Letting it go to 6 inches before removing 3 inches affects 50 percent of its necessary survival systems. That’s a big difference!

Fertilization and Weed Control

Keeping a lawn properly maintained means much more than using a lawn mower. Mowing over weeds will not actually remove them; depending on the type of weed, there is different work required.

Without professional level weed control, like we offer at Emerald Lawn Care, you are leaving your lawn open and unprotected from various types of detrimental growth. They won’t just make your lawn look bad; these weeds can also infect and harm your grass, flowers and other growth.

In addition to controlling and removing harmful growth, fertilizing your lawn will boost its health. A healthy, well-fertilized lawn wards off pests more strongly, like your healthy immune system wards off illness. Fertilizing your lawn delivers the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and lively year round and to prevent pollutants, pesticides and weeds from causing harm.

Flower Bed Care

Your flowers and other greenery do more than just decorate your lawn. They make it feel like a home — like your home. Adding your own personal touch and flair to your lawn beautifies and individualizes it.

But, without proper care, these beautiful flowers can wilt and even die, losing the beauty and personality they once brought to your home. That’s why a regular, consistent flowerbed service is necessary for ideal growth. By weeding the flowerbed, removing any dead growth before it brings down healthy growth and controlling the parasitic insects before their invasion turns deadly, you are able to keep your flowers growing beautifully with no worries.

A professional level lawn service saves you time while protecting your lawn from countless dangers. Addressing these important needs can be extremely time consuming — something that a professional lawn care service can streamline.


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