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To Mulch or Not to Mulch ….

Mulching Benefits

That is the question! During the Spring and Summer, you may notice a lot of landscaping companies installing mulch at homes in your neighborhood. The addition of mulch to your flower beds increases the elegance of your home, but did you know this actually benefits your landscaping as well?


As you know, Summer temperatures in Texas are pretty brutal. What once was vibrant green will turn pale green or brown, and many plants, shrubs and flowers will suffer in the heat. Replacing these items can be both costly and time consuming. Mulch provides protection to your landscaping by acting as a layer of insulation for plants’ roots, keeping them cooler and decreasing the likelihood of the plant burning!


Watering is crucial in the overall health of your landscaping, but the sun quickly dries the soil which prevents plants from getting the water they need. Mulch actually retains water, providing a moist environment for landscaping much longer than bare soil. The moisture and protection that mulch provides creates a favorable environment for plants to grow.


Did you know mulch can provide nutrients to your landscaping? Over time, mulch breaks down and decomposes, adding valuable organic content to your beds!


Weeds are an issue that plagues most home owners in Texas. While mulch will not get rid of existing weeds, or completely prevent all weeds from sprouting, it can help reduce the number of weeds that appear in your beds!

Mulching Benefits2

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