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Comparing Lawn Care Services in Frisco TX

Nothing represents the successful pursuit of the American dream more than a beautiful lawn. However, selecting an appropriate company to provide lawn care services can be a challenge. Through learning how to compare companies in your local area based on factors such as cost, quality and reputation, making an informed decision about your lawn care services should be achievable.

Investigate Certifications

Although lawn care businesses are not required to have any certifications, being certified represents the type of professional aptitude about the art of lawn care that a typical customer wants translated to the appearance of their home. According to The Garden Counselor, “A professional certification, like the PLCAA (Professional Lawn Care Association of America, or the Lawn Care Association of your State is optional. Membership in these organizations suggests that these lawn care companies take a more professional approach with their business. Certification may require demonstration of certain standards of knowledge or experience. It may simply require registration and fee payment.”

Appropriate Insurance

Hiring a company that does not have the appropriate insurance can quickly lead to disaster. For example, if a company does not have liability insurance, an injured worker or damaged property can quickly become your legal and financial responsibility in the event of an incident. Ask for written proof of such insurance policies before agreeing to enlist their services.

Length of Experience

The length of experience that the business has is vital to consider. For every experienced service provider there are at least four or five start up businesses that likely have less than a year experience. Inquire about the amount of time that the company has been operating and the length of employment that the team has which will be working on your property.

Be sure to contact us at Emerald Lawn Care if you have any questions about comparing lawn services in your area.

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