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What are June Bugs?

June Bugs Ruining lawnsthree-grubs-big

There are roughly 100 species of white grubs that are found in Texas. The most common white grub is the June bug, also known as June Beetle and May Beetle. These flying beetles are formed from white grubs that feed on warm season grasses such as St. Augustine and bermuda grasses. White grubs are attracted to nice lush lawns, the nicer the lawn the more likely they are to be found.

While some grubs reproduce on a three-year cycle, this species is one that reproduces on a one-year cycle. When the adult emerges in late May or June, they will be most noticeable around street lamps and porch lights.  At this point, they will mate and lay eggs in the most attractive lawn they can find. These eggs will hatch several weeks later and the young grubs will begin feeding voraciously, on the roots of your lawn, through late October. When they hatch this is the time they are most destructive to the lawn. Grub damage occurs from August through October.

When feeding on the grasses they target the roots of the grass, this fully damages the areas of the lawn that they are attacking. After feeding on the lawn the grass is disconnected from the roots and is able to be rolled up like carpet. The areas that are being affected by grubs are usually irregular shaped, and usually found in soils with high organic matter content. Determining if your lawn has grub damage can be tricky, as the lawn may also be stressed by drought or disease.The best way to check for grub damage is to grab a handful of the affected turf and gently tug, if it peels back like carpet you should be able to see the grubs that have eaten the roots.

There is a treatment for grubs. These treatments will kill any active grubs in the lawn. If they have already killed the grass, and it is a large area you would need to lay some sod down after treatments have been completed. The best time to put a preventative or treat for grubs is in the late spring or early summer, the reason behind this is to stop and grubs from hatching as well as killing any eggs that have already been layed.

Below is a picture of a golf course where the left was not treated with a preventive and the right was treated with the preventive.

Gub Damage in Frisco Texas


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