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Don’t Let Your Lawn Frisco Lawn Mowing Services in Texas Drop with the Fall Foliage

Around this time of year, you might encounter some well meaning friends and neighbors that suggest putting a temporary hold on your lawn mowing services. Most of the folks that make such recommendations generally do so because they believe that all grasses die off when the calendar indicates that it’s officially fall. What they don’t realize is that grasses don’t rely on dates to determine when to grow, go dormant or die. They rely on soil temperatures instead.

The soil temperature thresholds that are used to signal grass growth, dormancy and death vary based on the species. For example, St. Augustine grass typically slows its growth cycle down once the soil temps reach into the 60s. When it drops to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, it normally goes dormant. And if the soil temps eventually dip down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit or less and remain that way for awhile, it’s likely to die. Cool season grasses, on the other hand, behave differently. They can continue growing right up until the soil freezes. And they die off when the ground gets too hot.

With that said, lawn mowing services should ideally continue until the grass goes dormant. Not only does it make a property look good, it’s healthier for the grass too. Why? It’s simple. An overgrown lawn prevents life-giving resources, like sunlight and nutrients, from reaching the roots in a timely manner. Plus, it encourages insect activity, promotes the development of fungal diseases and provides shelter to wild animals that most property owners don’t want to encounter close to home or work. By that, we are referring to critters like snakes, moles and rodents. In addition, autumn lawn mowing services can also help to naturally mulch leaves.

To learn more about the importance of keeping one’s lawn mowing services intact throughout the fall, please contact us today. We promise to respond to all customer inquiries within a day’s time and when it comes to our firm’s lawn moving services, satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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