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Fall Armyworm Activity in Frisco Texas

Lawn Care Service Pros in Frisco Texas Notice Fall Armyworm Activity is Increasing

It’s officially autumn in Texas, despite the fact that you wouldn’t know it from the weather. A dead giveaway though is the resurgence of fall army worm activities. They are 1.5-inch long masters and mistresses of disaster that may be responsible for those dead spots in your turfgrass. Our lawn care services’ professionals tend to run across them a lot this time of year.

The irritating worms love to munch on fescues, bentgrass, ryegrasses and bluegrasses before going into their pupal stage. Around here, that often occurs once the cold weather arrives and lasts until spring. So depending on how long summer holds on, you and our lawn care service pros could continue seeing the insects long after other seasonal pests have seemingly disappeared.

When they actually rise up to enjoy the spring sunshine, they’ll be doing so as moths. And based on our years of lawn care service experience, they have a mottled appearance that only another fall armyworm moth could love. You may have noticed them in the spring hovering around porch lights or street lamps after dark. They have relatively small wings and are a mixture of brown, black and white hues.

After hanging around outdoor lighting and mating, they’ll deposit their eggs directly onto blades of turfgrasses. Once the eggs hatch, it’s normally only a matter of four to six weeks until their babies reach adulthood and produce offspring of their own. And if that isn’t problematic enough, each female moth tends to produce more than 45 eggs every time. Therefore, once those larvae emerge, it won’t be long before your lawn will be in serious need of professional lawn care services.

With that said, if you happen to see wriggling platoons of fall armyworms around your property’s lawn or garden, now is the perfect time to contact us. Our lawn care service team can help your over-stressed turfgrass recover from the ensuing damage and protect it from developing seasonal weed problems too. Plus, when we’re on the job in Texas, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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