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Fertilization and Weed Control: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Can you “love your lawn to death?” The answer is yes. Many people reason that if a little water is good for a lawn, more would be great. If conditions call for a bit of fertilizer, a lot is better, and If the neighbor’s lawn is mown once a week, theirs will look twice as good if it is cut twice. Watering, mowing and fertilization and weed control are concerns that can make or break a nice-looking, healthy lawn.

Too much fertilizer on a lawn will kill it. That is because most fertilizer is made up largely of mineral salts, and salt dries things out. The signs of over-fertilization on your lawn can vary from those funny-looking stripes that pop up where the spreader passed to general yellow discoloration. Over time, the collection of the residual salts can turn your lawn brown and brittle.

Too much water can hurt your lawn as well. In the beginning, when it is first laid as sod or planted as seed, the lawn needs a lot of water. Established lawns, though, need only about an inch of moisture to thrive. That is approximately the height of a tuna can. Most species of grass can go for a month without water. While that isn’t recommended, it is probably better than drowning your grass. Over watering saturates the soil and leaches the nutrients out of it. It also deprives the root system of oxygen. That sodden ground is a great place to raise mold and lawn disease. Weeds find it easier to get a toe-hold in over-watered grass, too.

Too much mowing is like chewing your nails down to the quick. “Scalping,” which is cutting off a third or more of the grass length, sends the lawn into shock. It is less able to resist drought and other stresses. Longer grass can shade itself and it also forms a natural barrier against weeds. That means less herbicide. In fact, weeds thrive when the sun can reach them as they grow, but a thick, long lawn will keep sun from unwanted visitors like dandelions and clover.

Professional lawn care services have the expertise to make your lawn as lush and green as a golf course. If you have questions about the care of your lawn, contact us.

While we give your lawn just the right amount of “love” you can play the “front nine.”

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