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Frisco Texas Leaf Cleanups – Why are they important?

Why leaves can be a detriment to your lawn

While the fallen leaves strewn around your yard or property might give you that warm, autumn feeling, it is important to take care of them as soon as you can. Since no one loves the daunting task of raking and bagging leaves, it never hurts to turn to a professional lawn care service for help.

Why leaf removal is important

Thorough leaf removal is essential in keeping your lawn healthy, especially heading into the winter months. While a couple heaps of leaves might not seem like they pose much of a threat to your lawn or property, you might be surprised at some of the destruction they can subtly cause.

  • Blocking out sunlight: Many leaves will sit in the same spot for a long period of time, robbing your grass of needed sunlight. This can cause patches of brown spots because grass needs as much sunlight as it can get — especially in the cooler seasons.


  • Trap in moisture: On the other side of the coin, when leaves are laying around in your yard, they can be trapping moisture in your grass and soil. This could lead to fungal issues within your lawn. Fungus loves dark, damp areas.


  • Act as a barrier for nutrients: As leaves collect over time, they naturally grind up to create a layer of thatch over the soil, which blocks out important nutrients from entering.


An unsightly lawn: Colorful leaves might look pretty, but when they fall and litter your yard, they transform into ugly, shriveled messes. It is important to remove leaves on a regular basis for, if not anything else, aesthetic purposes.

Tips for doing it yourself

If you chose not to rely on a professional lawn care service, and want to combat the leaves on your own, there are ways you can save your time and energy.

Instead of letting leaves accumulate and having a huge project on your hands, it’s important to mix this chore into your weekly schedule. That way, you won’t be facing a yard that is three inches under leaves.

It might be wise to invest in a leaf blower. Raking looks like it is easy, but try doing it for more than five minutes and you will be spent. Blowing or raking leaves onto a large tarp, and then funneling it into a disposal bag is easier than raking a large pile and scooping leaves into a bag little by little.

Call in the pros

There is no shame in calling in a service like Emerald Lawn Care. Not only do we save you the time and convenience, but our bagless leaf removal helps spare the environment.

Services that mulch leaves rather than sticking them in plastic bags and tossing them in a landfill are the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious of us.

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