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Frisco Tree Trimming Services

If you have a tree that needs trimming, hiring professional Frisco tree trimming services is the way to go. Emerald Lawn Services specializes in a variety of lawn care areas, including trees. We offer safe, effective tree trimming services in Frisco TX that can be performed individually or as part of your complete lawn care service.

When to trim:

  • Dead limbs hanging over your house: These limbs can fall at any time and can be dangerous, if not deadly, to anyone in the home.
  • Large limbs reaching over the house: Although these will not fall as easily, professional Frisco tree services technicians will tell you that lightening or strong storms can turn these limbs into projectiles.
  • Neighbor’s limbs on your property: You may not know this, but any tree limbs that extend onto your property line are eligible for tree trimming in Frisco. Although we recommend talking with your neighbor first, dangerous limbs hanging over your property are free game for any Frisco tree trimming services to cut down.
  • Tree is obstructing power lines: You do not want to be “that neighbor” whose giant tree left the neighborhood without power during the last storm. Cutting away branches can prevent this from happening

In each of these cases, there is a serious danger factor involved with trying to perform your own tree services in Frisco TX. Cutting the wrong limbs, having limbs fall on a home or person and even shocking yourself are just a few of the serious hazards.

Letting a professional take all the risk when it comes to your tree trimming services in Frisco TX is the best option for you and your insurance premiums.

Getting a quote for your Frisco tree trimming services is easy. Call our office directly or use our online quote option. Come see why countless homeowners have trusted us for their tree needs.

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