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Important Facts to Know When Watering Your Lawn During the Winter in Frisco Texas

Important facts to know when watering your lawn during the winter

Watering a lawn in the dead of summer can be a delicate balancing act. Not only do you want to provide your grass with the proper hydration to keep it looking green and vibrant, but homeowners around the Frisco area must make sure that they are complying with local watering restrictions. Sometimes, these restrictions can be very strict, forcing you to rob your lawn of the water it needs.

While this can be a tricky feat, it is one that becomes a little simpler during the fall and winter months. The following information is worth noting as we enter roll through another mild winter.

Most lawns remain unaffected by restrictions during the winter

The fall and winter are no different in regards to local watering regulations. Homeowners and commercial property managers still must comply with them. However, these restrictions are far less disruptive.

During the mild climate of the fall and winter, grass, trees and shrubs become dormant. While their colors will fade — a natural process you cannot avoid — these plants will not require as much water. In fact, if you own an irrigation system, you can feel free to shut it off completely until you determine that your grass once again requires a nice drink.

How can I tell my lawn and landscape needs watering?

If your lawn fades, that does not necessarily mean it needs to be watered. This is just a sign of the changing climate and that the grass is dormant. To truly determine if your lawn needs a drink is by examining the soil.

We’re not asking you to dig up large chunks of your turf to make craters in your front yard. In fact, all you need is a long, metal tool, ideally a screwdriver. Stick the screwdriver into the soil of your lawn and pull it out.

Moist, cool soil will stick to the item you are testing the soil with. Dry soil will not. For areas elsewhere throughout your landscape, simply stick your finger in the soil to see if it’s moist and cool. If it’s not, then it might be time to water.

When it comes time to water

Usually, your lawn will need to be watered come the month of February. When it’s time to start watering again, it’s important to give your lawn a deep soak so that the hydration penetrates into the soil.

This saturation ensures that your grass isn’t going to use up the water immediately and be in need of another watering right away.

Watering your lawn is supposed to be easy, isn’t it? There is certainly a science involved, and that’s why professional lawn care services like Emerald Lawn Care area great resource to have.

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