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Lawn Care Service in Frisco, Texas, Can Help Residents Get Rid of Dallisgrass

Our lawn care service pros recognize that over the years, South Americans have given us a lot of great things, like fried cheese and annatto oil. But they’ve also given us dallisgrass and that’s one gift many Texans would undoubtedly love to give back. The hearty, perennial grass blades first showed up here in the 1800s. It was initially heralded as great feed for cattle ranchers’ foraging livestock. However, sentiments quickly changed when it was learned that the seed heads were prone to becoming infected with a toxic fungi.

The fungi cause a lot of health problems for animals, including premature death. So our lawn care service team is often called in to get rid of either the seed heads or entire clumps of grass. Getting rid of the seed heads is the easy part, tackling the grass clumps’ deeply ingrained root system isn’t. That said, our team may need to treat the infested areas multiple times before the grass roots’ disintegrate.

The grass itself can also grow 65-inches tall and sport blades that are 10-inches long. It also has the capability of producing seeds, which hang from spikelets, from late spring until October. The seeds are often strewn about thanks to livestock, pets, sod, commercial turf seed, wildlife and the weather. Once those seeds are established, it generally only takes one season for it to significantly alter the appearance of a home’s lawn. That’s why it’s crucial to have a lawn service professional treat the first signs of a dalligrass invasion aggressively.

The lawn treatments needed to solve the problem will vary based on the situation at hand. In most instances, our team will recommend frequent lawn mowing, pulling, overseeding and the use of post-emergent herbicides. The best time to apply those herbicides is now through the late fall. To learn more about dalligrass and how we can help make it disappear, please contact us at Emerald Lawn Care today.

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