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McKinney TX Spring Cleaning and Getting Your Lawn Ready For Spring

McKinney TX spring cleaning and getting your lawn ready for spring

We might be in the thick of winter here in McKinney TX, but spring will roll around before you know it. While lawns lay dormant during the winter, spring is a pivotal time to get your grass ready for the new year. It never hurts to start making out your lawn care to-do list right now.

Whether you handle these chores yourself, or call in the professionals at Emerald Lawn Care, you simply cannot afford to skip these steps, which will add health and vibrancy to your lawn as the warmer weather moves in.

Lawn spring cleaning to-do list

  • Rake out thatch: The leaves and dead grass that have carried over from the fall will form a barrier between your lawn’s soil and the things it needs — water, nutrients and more. Raking up this layer, also known as thatch, is an important first step for your lawn spring cleaning in McKinney TX.
  • Remove other debris: Thatch isn’t the only junk that will accumulate in your yard. Take time to inspect your lawn and remove any debris that might hinder the healthy growth of grass. Here in McKinney, this can include anything from branches, leaves or even wind-blown trash.
  • Don’t cut too much when you mow: When you start getting back in the groove of mowing your lawn, it is important to set the length of your mower high so you don’t cut too much off at one time. By gradually mowing your lawn shorter and shorter, your grass will grow in thicker.
  • Mulch: Early spring is a great time to mulch select areas of your landscape. Mulch not only looks great, but is also very functional in capturing moisture to keep your plants well hydrated.
  • Prune bushes and shrubs: If you have bushes or shrubs that don’t bloom during the spring time, this can be a great opportunity to clear out the dead wood and allow these plants to grow unhindered.
  • Examine irrigation system: Whether you have underground sprinkling or water your lawn the old fashioned way with a hose, make sure your equipment is in good condition and not sporting any leaks that could potentially damage your lawn.

Many professional lawn care services in McKinney TX provide what are known as spring clean-ups. This includes many of the tasks that we just covered. If you have any additional questions, or require assistance when spring rolls around, feel free to contact the friendly staff at Emerald Lawn Care.


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