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Mowing Heights, why are you mowing so high?

Grass Mowing Height in Frisco TX

“Why are you mowing so high?!?” This is the most commonly asked question professional lawn care companies receive, starting in the late spring. We mow at a higher length during the warmer months for a few reasons:

It’s best to maintain grass at its tallest recommended height, especially during drought conditions. Mowing is a destructive practice because it reduces the amount of leaf tissue available for the production of energy.  The general response to mowing is for the grass to produce more leaf tissue to replace what is lost.  If too much leaf tissue is removed in any one mowing, the turf will respond by redirecting energy away from valuable roots to producing new leaves. Taller grass has deeper roots, which can reach water more effectively. Taller grass also shades soil, which helps to reduce water loss and prevent weeds from invading your lawn.  Think of the tall grass as a layer of insulation that keeps the sun and heat from drying out the soil and causing heat and/or drought stress to the lawn.     Additionally, turfgrass cannot efficiently capture nutrients and produce energy when it is mowed too low.

Many clients believe that by cutting the lawn shorter will help prevent needing a cut on a weekly basis. Cutting lower can leave ugly, circular brown spots and stress the lawn to the point that it may go into dormancy during the growing season.  The last thing you want is a brown lawn during the summer!  For further questions about mowing heights feel free to call our office at 214-585-8575.

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