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Some lessons on aeration in Plano TX

Some lessons on aeration in Plano TX

There is little debate on whether or not aeration is effective for a lawn. This method of puncturing multiple holes (or plugs) throughout your turf effectively allows water, air, nutrients and sunlight to penetrate to the roots of your grass, allowing them to grow deeper and stronger.

However, some lawns are in more dire need of aeration than others. The following is a primer on aeration and whether or not it might be ideal for your specific lawn.

As a home or property owner, you can purchase, or even borrow, the tools needed to aerate your lawn in Plano TX, but professionals lawn care services, such as Emerald Lawn Care, are also equipped to handle this task — which could potentially pay major dividends with the long term beauty and health of your grass.


Work to avoid soil compaction

The whole idea behind aeration is to break up compacted soil. This is something that will hinder the growth of your grass because the roots don’t have a chance to grow deep into the earth.

Consider the following two scenarios. If these apply to your lawn, then aeration is probably a service you could look into in Plano TX.

  • Heavy use: If your lawn or property is constantly being subjected to foot traffic or other forms of use, then the soil is likely compacting. The more a lawn is used, the tighter the soil will compact and affect the way your grass grows.
  • Mix of soils: Some lawns have layers of different types of soil — some soil is finer that other types. When different types of soils become intermingled, it can welcome potential soil compaction.


Breaking through a layer of thatch

Soil compaction is not the only culprit that will hold your lawn back from reaching its full potential. Often, a layer of thatch can form between the surface of the soil and the elements. This layer can consist of dead leaves, grass and other common, natural debris.

Aeration is a method that also successfully treats a lawn with a thick layer of thatch. The plugs that are dug via aeration will allow water and nutrients to bypass the thatch and reach the soil and roots.


When is the best time to aerate?

You will want to aerate your lawn when it is actively growing. So, this would mean the spring for residents here in Plano TX. The aeration process does put hundreds of holes in your lawn, but the grass will eventually fill back in on its own after it has reaped the benefits of the process.

Aeration is a chore that many lawn owners bypass, and end up paying the price for. Aeration can be the key to a lush, healthy lawn with strong roots that will assure its livelihood for years to come.


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