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Spring is Finally Here!

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here!  It’s the first day of Spring, and it is time to get out your lawn furniture and start preparing to spend your days relaxing in the lawn and enjoying your weekends. Some things to consider to make sure you are able to get the most out of your lawn are:

Beautiful Lawns in Frisco Texas

Lawn Care:

Regular mows will help your lawn stay beautiful and well manicured. Make sure that it is cut in a different direction every week to ensure the best possible care for your lawn. No one wants to see unsightly weeds growing in the yard and ruining your lush green lawn. Having consistent lawn fertilization and weed control done to your lawn will help keep it healthy and looking great, this will also help keep the weeds out. We highly recommend getting a core aeration for your lawn.  Core aeration is the process of poking thousands of holes in your lawn, while pulling up tiny plugs of grass.  These holes allow water, air, and essential nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.  This in turn will create a healthier root system, and therefore a healthier lawn!

Flower Bed Maintenance:

A great way to add a beautiful mix of personal style and color to your flower beds is with flowers, and who doesn’t like to see flowers bloom in the Spring time? Don’t forget to add mulch to your flower beds!  Mulch increases the beauty of your home, but also provides benefits to your landscaping.

Watering Restrictions:

Every city has their own watering restrictions, please make sure to read them and follow them carefully. A careful guideline to follow is to water one day every other week, and once a week starting in April.  For regular sprinkler heads, you should run each station for 10-15 minutes each, and for rotary heads it should be 30 minutes each.  If you have St. Augustine grass, do not water late in the evening.  Doing so could cause brown patch to occur.  This is a harmful disease that can kill your grass. Please note if you are unsure of your city’s watering restrictions please visit your city’s website.

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