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The Battle Against Rabbits in McKinney Texas

The Battle Against Rabbits

Most people have a great appreciation for wildlife on their property and in their yards. After all, it’s fun to watch cute a cuddly creatures roam around your lawn, and it adds a wilderness feel that many men and women really enjoy.

The only dilemma with such a scenario is that many of these animals can also cause damage to your lawn. Rabbits fall into this category. While these furry friends might provide you with some level of entertainment, they can also seriously hurt the look of your lawn.

How rabbits hurt your lawn

The most obvious way that rabbits will destroy your lawn is by eating the grass and other plants. This is their primary food source, and they often pack serious appetites. A silver lining to this fact is that rabbits will gnaw on grass and plants, but they won’t generally destroy the root system. This gives you the chance to resurrect your lawn, even if it has been severely gnawed by rabbits.

An infestation of rabbits can also lead to brown and dead spots in your grass. This is caused by the urine left behind by the rabbits, and will take quite a bit more time and effort to correct.


Effectively treating your lawn for rabbits

Rabbits can spend their entire lives within a very small patch of land. This means that, if you have rabbits wandering around your lawn, the chances are that they have decided to make it their new home.

You don’t have to be inhumane when it comes to getting rid of rabbits. There are several measures you can take to keep them away.

  • Inspect fences: For some, keeping rabbits out of a yard is as simple as inspecting a fence for any gaping holes. If rabbits don’t have an easy path into your yard, they will often be easily deterred.
  • Implement fake owls or fox urine: Rabbits will keep their distance from natural predators. Consider using a fake owl. When you do, move the owl’s location on a weekly basis to make it seem even more real. Rabbits will also pick up on substances like fox urine, which will have them heading out in no time. This is effective for both the lawn and garden.
  • Put out Rabbit Scram: There are specific products on today’s market aimed at getting rid of rabbits. Rabbit Scram is one such product. This repellent is effective, in addition to all-natural. It does not have a nasty odor and is completely safe for animals and humans alike.
  • Remove droppings right away: Rabbit poop essentially marks their territory. If you want rabbits to move along and not use your lawn as their designated toilet, clean away their droppings right when you notice them.

Be patient

Keeping rabbits away can be a painstaking process. A level of trial-and-error is involved to find the method that will work best for your lawn. A reputable and professional lawn care service will often have the tools and knowledge to help devise an effective plan.


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