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To scalp or not to scalp — that’s the question for your Plano TX lawn

To scalp or not to scalp — that’s the question for your Plano TX lawn

As a home or property owner, you may have heard of the term “scalping” a lawn, and how it is often the key to achieving a healthy, green, vibrant lawn when spring and summer rolls around.

It’s important to note that not every single lawn or property will benefit from scalping. The following is a quick reference on what scalping actually is and whether or not it might benefit your specific lawn.


What is scalping and why do you need it?

Scalping is simply the act of cutting your lawn on the lowest setting of your lawn mower. By cutting the grass that short, it will eliminate dormant grass that would otherwise hinder new growth.

Not only does scalping eliminate the dormant grass, but it also removes thatch that will develop over the winter months. This thatch can hold up water, nutrients and sunlight from reaching your grass. Scalping not only promotes additional growth in your lawn, but it also greatly reduces the possibility of certain disease in your grass that results from excess moisture building up in that layer of thatch.

Right now is actually the perfect time to consider scalping your lawn as the first signs of spring are starting to creep into play here in Plano TX. You will want to make sure your lawn won’t be subjected to a deep freeze after it is scalped, so it’s best to error on the side of caution. You can scalp a lawn yourself, or call in a professional lawn care service in Plano TX, like Emerald Lawn Care


Is scalping right for my lawn?

Scalping doesn’t offer noticeable benefits for just any type of grass. In fact, scalping is best suited for lawns that feature Bermuda grass. This is because Bermuda grass goes dormant in the winter time, leaving scalping as a necessity to promote new, healthy growth.

Bermuda grass is very common in the Plano TX area and elsewhere throughout the south and southwest regions. Scalping will likely benefit your lawn, but it never hurts to consult with a lawn care service to make sure.


Best way to scalp

Make sure to use a sharp mower blade and set it on the lowest level. Some people opt to take care of scalping in two separate installments as to avoid excess clippings that will collect from long grass.

You can feel free to leave the clippings in your lawn unless they are exceptionally long or wet, which might offset your scalping efforts completely.

Professional lawn care services like Emerald Lawn Care are here to help with scalping and other essential chores needed to produce a stunning lawn come spring and summer. Feel free to contact our team for help.


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