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Treating for Fire Ants in Frisco TX

In the battle against lawn pests, many homeowners would consider fire ants to be public enemy number one. Unfortunately for Frisco residents, fire ants are prevalent in the area, and it is important to take proper measures to prevent an infestation before it is too late.

After all, putting in the work to prevent an infestation is far easier, and more cost efficient, than trying to fix the problem once it has grown out of control.

What’s the big deal with fire ants?

In regards to your lawn, sure, you are going to have bugs on the premises. However, it is important to identify the most destructive of pests, and fire ants certainly fall into this category. There are two characteristics that especially make them a bother to homeowners.

  • Dangerous: Unlike normal ants, fire ants are very aggressive and territorial. They pack a painful bite, too. Having fire ants prevalent on your lawn or property puts both family members and pets in danger of bites. Fire ants can even potentially gang up and kill smaller animals.
  • Wrecking your yard: Fire ants reside in large, ugly mounds. These unsightly piles of dirt will seriously hurt the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. Destroying the mound in attempts to restore some beauty to your lawn is both dangerous and will accomplish nothing, because they will simply reconstruct it.

How to treat for fire ants

Due to the dangerous nature of these pests, it might be best to rely on a professional lawn care service. These are men and women that are trained to deal with, and eradicate, such nuisances.

Controlling fire ants is normally an ongoing battle — it is essentially impossible to 100 percent eradicate your entire lawn, unless the infestation is very much confined to one area. These pests can be handled on a mound-to-mound basis, which is more labor intensive, or with long-residual insecticides.

When it comes to treating individual mounds, great care must be taken in order to get rid of the queen. Otherwise, the colonies will just re-form and the problem will remain.

Not sure if you have fire ants?

Fire ants are not completely easy to identify, but there are some telltale signs to look for. As their name suggests, they carry a reddish hue along with their dark brown color. Their backs are shiny and they reside in the large mounds we previously discussed. These mounds are riddled with holes because they don’t use just one entrance and exit.

Emerald Lawn Care is experienced in treating fire ants and can answer any questions you may have. Even if you are unsure whether fire ants have invaded your lawn, contact our team and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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