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Winter Mulching in Frisco TX

Mulch serves a much greater purpose than just looking great. All types of mulching serve a different function within your landscape. These are functions that come in handy during the cooler months of winter. In fact, now is a great time to consider different mulching styles in order to properly address the needs of your landscape.

What does mulch do?

A lot of people choose mulch based on how it looks. While finding great looking mulch that complements your lawn and garden is certainly important, specific types of mulch can be utilized for some of the following purposes.

  • Retain moisture: Since you won’t be watering your lawn during the winter, you need to make sure that it aptly retains moisture. The right kind of mulch can make sure to trap that moisture so that your soil and plants stay hydrated throughout the winter.
  • Regulate soil temperature: Even here in Texas, temperatures can drop to levels that will endanger the health of your plants. By mulching, you can create a barrier from potential frost and frigid temperatures. Similarly, when we experience a period of warmth, mulching won’t allow your plants to prematurely grow.
  • Deter weed growth: Mulch is a very effective way of treating your landscape for weeds. It is actually tougher for weeds to germinate with the right mulch in place.

The appropriate mulch is essential in making sure that your plants stay healthy all year around. Remember, a lot of the work you put in during the winter will affect how your landscape will look when the warmer months roll around.

How effective mulch is applied

There is no hard and fast rule on when you should start applying your winter mulch. However, as a general rule of thumb, applying it directly after the first frost of the season will ensure that it is in place in time to regulate the soil temperature and trap in the moisture.

It’s important to apply a generous layer of mulch, too. Around two to three inches of mulch will create an effective barrier between the soil and the elements. You want to make sure that you create an inch or two of breathing room at the base of your plants or trees, too.

Winter time mulch can come in many forms, from sawdust and compost to traditional wood chips. You don’t necessarily have to keep this mulch in place during the warmer months. In fact, once winter is over, you can rake it up and easily remove it.

As a professional lawn care service, Emerald Lawn Care specializes in mulching — no matter what season it might be. When you work with professionals, you get professional results. Protect your lawn now and you’ll be thanking yourself when spring rolls around!

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