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Stressing Over the Drought? Don’t Let Your Grass Get Stressed Too!

Are you worried about what your lawn is going to look like this summer with the drought and watering restrictions? Is is possible to have a beautiful lawn you are only allowed to water 2 times a month?  With Hydretain, your chances are much, much, better.

Mositure Management Is it worth it


Hydretain Moisture Management is a product that helps pull moisture from the air and makes it readily available to the roots of turf and plants for constant hydration. The product has been proven to reduce the need to water by up to 50%.  In North Texas, due to watering restrictions, we are already required to cut water usage by about 50%.  Due to these restrictions we are recommending Hydretain to help protect the beauty and most importantly, the value of your lawn.

We use the granular product which is applied four times per year in most cases.  The amount of money that you will save watering this Summer because of the restrictions will most likely be more than this program costs.  Be sure to check out the link below to understand more of the science behind Hydretain and call our office today to get a quote.

For more information please visit: http://www.moisturemanager.com/index.html

Drought - Frisco Texas

Moisture Management - Frisco Texas



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