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Mowing Services

It is our goal to provide you with the most convenient worry and hassle-free service possible. Kim’s Emerald Lawns offers two mowing schedules. None of our services require a contract. You may pause, change or cancel our services at any time.

Weekly Mowing

With our weekly lawn service, your grass will be professionally maintained weekly April through October and bi-weekly in March and November. We will mow upon request, December through February.

Each visit, the lawn will be freshly cut in a different direction with a 21-inch commercial lawn mower. Hard to reach areas will be line trimmed and a fresh edge is cut with a steel blade edger along all concrete borders. All debris is blown off all concrete areas on your property.

Bi-Weekly Mowing

With our bi-weekly lawn service, your lawn will be professionally manicured every two weeks March through November. December through February, we will mow upon request.

Each professional lawn mowing will include a fresh cut (mowed in varying directions) with a 21-inch commercial lawn mower, line trimming around hard-to-reach areas, a fresh edge along all concrete areas with a steel edger blade, and all debris blown off concrete areas.

** While this is our most economical lawn care option, we highly recommend our weekly mowing service if you want your lawn to look its best. Two weeks of growth is simply too much to maintain a manicured look. A bi-weekly mowing schedule may result in issues such as an uneven cut, clumps left on the lawn, and browning of the grass. While we will do our best to maintain a high quality of lawn care, we cannot guarantee that the lawn will look as good as a lawn on a weekly service.

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